One night in Trier #2

Here we go again! This time with a tripod + Canon 17-40 F4 L Lens!

Raw + Nik Software Color Efex.

Trier Graffiti

Römerbrücke Trier

2 hot photographers!

Trier's harbor at night

Freaky shot

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Trier GraffitiBridge at night2 hot photographers!2 hot photographers!Trier's harbor reflectionTrier city at night panoramaFreaky shotFreaky shot


Laney style chucks!

Laney Chucks!

My black leather Chucks with 55Laney69-style shoelaces XD

Very beautfiul sunny day!

Canon 5D, Canon EF II 50mm F1.8 @F2.8, Alien skin exposure 3

More chucks:

My 3 year old chucksOld All Star ChucksMy new white chucks

Look outside

Look outside

Very foggy this morning in Trier Ruwer.

Canon 5D, Canon EF II 50mm F1.8, Nik Silver Efex


Beautiful Rainbow and Sunset

Beautiful Rainbow and Sunset

Live at flooded Trier Ruwer!

Canon 5D + Canon 17-40 F4 L + Rawmode + Flaming Pear Flood + Nik Color Efex Cross Processing

Want a wallpaper? Click here for the Full HD 1920*1080 size version!


New Wallpapers

Made some female actress (Emma Watson, Saoirse Ronan, Chiaki Kuriyama) Wallpapers in Full HD size!
Have fun using them :-)


One night in Trier

Haning around with Laaaaag
I had my Tripod with me, but at the end i didnt use it. It was more fun to take handheld photos with my lovely Canon EF II 50mm F1.8 Lens. The Canon 5D performed very good at high Iso! Unfortunately it wasnt that easy to find the right focus spots at dim light :) maybe i will change soon the focusing screen: Canon 5D EE-S. It isnt that expensive. I will give it a try :)

All pictures taken in Raw + Cross processing.

Girl on bike

Spielbank Trier

Chinese Restaurant Trier

Who is she calling?

Update: From day to night panorama

Wooohooo what was going on this week? My views were exploding on Flickr!
Someone linked my "Trier - From day to night panorama" on this page for a challenge: gizmodo.com.This was making me many many views on Flickr. So i show you again now my "Trier - From day to night panorama" cause its so pretty :)

From Day to Night Panorama

(Now at 7550 views) *_____*

Click here to view it on Deviantart in much higher resolution!

(Also very popular there: 9379 views at the moment XD)

And now: My TOP 5 most popular photos on flickr!

1.) 7550 views:

The Panorama of course (not showing again the link ^^)

2.) 1156 views:

Tamron 70-300 Macro Bee

3.) 665 views:

Tamron 70-300 Macro Bee

4.) 643 views:

Tamron 17-50 Bokeh

5.) 640 views:

Miniature Fimo Nikon D80


Philipps' Cam

Canon 550D

Taken with 5D @ Iso 1600 + Canon EF II 50mm F1.8 @ F1.8

Click here for his Flickr: laaaaag!

Canon 5D + Canon EF II 50mm F1.8

Raw + Nik Color Efex Crossprocessing.